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Terror and talks won’t go together: Chrungoo


Mar 12, 2021


Jammu, Mar 11 (KNS): Senior BJP leader  Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo said that doctorine of present Government is terror and talks won’t go together.
“While the ceasefire agreement at the level of DGMOs between India and Pakistan is a welcome development, yet it needs to be reiterated that India’s current policy regarding Pakistan is guided by the doctrine that ‘terror and talks won’t go together” he said  while addressing a webinar held by the Centre for Peace & Progress, New Delhi on the topic: “Improving Indo-Pak Relations” today.
According to statement to “KNS” reads the event was presided over and conducted by O. P. Shah, Chairman of the Centre. The participants among others included Khurshid Mehmud Kasoori, former foreign minister of Pakistan, M.Y.Tarigami, Amarjit Dulat, Radha Kumar, Kapil Kak, Muzaffar Shah, Kuldeep Khuda, Sudheendra Kulkarni, Nyla Ali Khan, Ishwar Khajuria, Sshuja Zafar, Adv. Manjit Singh Kehaira, A.M.Watali, Dr. Qazi Ashraf, N.D.Pancholi, Suman Bhattacharya, Prof. Sushil, Dr. Gita Chatterjee, Rasul Baksh Rais and Prof. G.M.Wani. The inaugural presentation was made by Kasoori.

The webinar unanimously welcomed the development of ceasefire agreement between India & Pakistan and wished it to be followed by more concrete steps to build an everlasting peace. Kasoori in his speech referred to his experiences during the Vajpayee’s and Manmohan Singh’s regimes while he was in office in Pakistan and said that “some more baby steps are expected to be taken by the current leaderships in both the countries, he said
He added that the relations between the two nations are acadamically guided by the fact that Jammu and Kashmir is a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan, he added

Chrungoo in his presentation emphasized that in case the peace has to be an everlasting development, Pakistan has a bigger responsibility to stop, insurgency and support to misadventures across the line of control and the international border. The doctrine of “terror and talks won’t  go together” was intiated by India during the UPA regime and was followed meticulously by the current government headed by Narendra Modi for the last seven years. There is no likelyhood to expect any change in the policy that has so vigorously  been followed by India.

“While following the Pakistan media, it has been observed that the people in Pakistan preferred to have the India made Covid-19 vaccine than the one made by China. It is hoped that the policy of Pakistan regarding the ceasefire with India is not guided by the India made Covid-19 vaccine demand in Pakistan and is pursued even after such a need of Pakistan is fulfilled by India. The people and the governments in the region shouldn’t be guided, in any way, by the western countries’ media and debate on Indo-Pak relations. The relations should be independent of the western media narrative on the relations”, Chrungoo said.

It has been oftenly seen that there are elements who on the one hand would speak in terms of peace and improvement of relations between the two countries and on the other hand would also like to be hawkish against the Modi government, NDA policy and BJP leadership. Such an approach has to change necessarily in order to understand and influence the policies of the governments concerned. In order to expect better results, interactions with those who are important in the government and the party in the government to make and influence policies and strategies is very important. However, this needs to be clarified that the people of Jammu and Kashmir, as the part of the Indian nation, are well represented by the government of India in all cases, the BJP leader further added

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