Uncertainty, fear grips people as government issues order after order to vacate from Kashmir: Hakeem Yaseen

Srinagar, Aug 03 : Chairman Peoples Democratic Front (PDF) Hakeem Yaseen has expressed serious concern over the prevailing chaotic situation in Kashmir adding that sensational orders being issued one after other have created a threat perception among already threatened people. He said after issuing advisory to the tourists and Amarnath Yatries, government has now evacuated students from the college hostels which has added to the panic and anxiety among the people.

Hakeem Yaseen said that the suspicious activities going on from last several days, on the part of government, including deployment of about 280000 additional troops in the valley, leave Kashmir advisory to the tourists, Yatries and college students, has created more fear psychosis among the masses. He said even mainstream leaders are in a situation of suspense and helplessness.

“Center is not come forth to clear the position, despite repeated pleas by almost all mainstream political parties, which is a big question mark,” Hakeem Yaseen remarked.

PDF Chief said it was most shocking that center was not taking local political parties on board about its policies and programmes. He said the emerging situation in the state was the outcome of himalayan political blunders committed by some local mainstream political parties who allowed step by step erosion of the special status of the state during their regimes.

Hakeem Yaseen has asked the Governor of the state to clear situation in unambiguous terms and take the people into confidence. He said advisory to leave the Kashmir valley issued to tourists, yatries and students of other states suggest that the government was concerned about their safety only without caring for the lives of Kashmiris.

He said it was unfortunate that the central government has maintained a total silence over the prevailing situation in the Kashmir valley whereas people are reeling in the constant grip of fear and anxiety. He demanded that center should come up with a statement in the Parliament, which was in session, so that fear ridden people get some relief.

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