Tangmarg public park turns into garbage dumping site, tourists affected

Srinagar, July15 : Kashmir, the valley of comeliness despite one of the top tourist destinations across the globe many tourist destinations mainly public parks have unfortunately turned into garbage sites underlining the need for an urgent and comprehensive waste management strategy.Garbage, notably plastic waste can be seen lying in the parks indiscriminately, Tangmarg one of the tourist rich place in North Kashmir from where Gulmarg is at the distance of a couple of kilometres has no proper garbage dumping site making visitors worry. Lateef Ahmad, a visitor from Srinagar said, “I came here with my friends for a picnic but garbage including plastic and polythene is spread all over which possesses serious health risks and an unpleasant look.” Yet another example is of world famous resort Gulmarg turning into a dumping site as garbage including non-biodegradable polythene, plastic bottles and left-over food items thrown into dustbins improperly placed at the banks of stream roll down through it due to which the face of lush greenery has turned unpleasant as well as unhygienic as children use to play with water there.Saif din, a visitor said, “The children park has changed into a garbage site for which authorities as well as public is responsible, authorities do not consider it as a serious issue, the waste produces foul smell besides being a breeding ground for many diseases.” Director Floriculture Abdul Hafiz Shah said, ” We will visit the public park Tangmarg also all other parks under our department and if improper garbage dumping is found, strict actions will be taken.”

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