7 civilians, 3 militants, one soldier killed, over 70 injured in Pulwama


SRINAGAR, DEC 15 : Seven civilians, army soldier also got killed in an encounter in Kharpora Sirnoo village of Pulwama district in Jammu and Kashmir on Saturday.

At least three militants have also killed during the encounter with the forces. As per reports, more than 70 civilians have been injured, of which nine are said to be critical with serious bullet injuries.

The three militants killed in the encounter have been identified as Zahoor Thakar, who was a soldier in the Indian Army earlier and fled from a camp last year, Adnan Wani and Zahoor Ahmad Kar alias Tahir Hizbi.

Zahoor Thakar, who was earlier a soldier in the Indian Army, had fled from an Army camp with an AK-47 in 2017. Sirnoo is the native village of the slain militant.

As the encounter on Saturday morning, the militants were trapped in an open area. Two Army men also suffered injuries during the gunbattle.

The operation was conducted by joint team of Jammu and Kashmir Police, Indian Army and Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel.

The security forces launched a cordon and search operation in Sirnoo village of south Kashmir on Saturday morning after receiving specific intelligence input about the presence of militants in the area, an Army official said. The search operation turned into an encounter after the militants opened fire on the security personnel.

There were also reports of stone pelting in the area as the encounter took place. The forces had to open fire and resort to tear-gas shelling to disperse the protesters.

The civilians killed during the encounter have been identified as Amir Ahmad Paul, Shahid Ahmad Khanday, Abid Hussian Lone, Ishfaq Ahmad, Shahbaz Ali, Liyaqat Ahmad, Tawseef Ahmad Mir and Jahangir Ahmad.

Among the civilians who got killed were two youth, identified as Amir Ahmad and Abid Hussain. According to reports, they sustained bullet injuries in the clashes which erupted at the gunfight site between protesting civilians and the security forces. Though they were shifted to a hospital but were declared dead on arrival.

Meanwhile Spontaneous protests erupted at University of Kashmir against the civilian and militant killings.

Eyewitnesses said that hundreds of students of various department assembled at Allama Iqbal Library lawns and later marched through varsity campus chanting pro-freedom and anti-India slogans.

The students, they said, termed the civilian killings in Pulwama as “a massacre, a bloodbath”.

The students also held absentia prayers for the slain civilians and militants.

Meanwhile Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) called for a three-day shutdown and mourning in Kashmir against the killings of seven civilians and three militants in southern Pulwama district.

“From today onwards for three days mourning and complete protest strike will be observed all across,” said the Mirwaiz on Twitter.

Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Pulwama Massacre, Bullets and pellets rain!As Govt of India has decided to kill Kashmiri’s through its #Armed Forces who control us, JRL and people will march towards Badami Bagh Army cantonment on Monday 17 Dec to ask GOI to kill all of us at one time rather than killing us daily..

Earlier, Mirwaiz Omar Farooq, while reacting to the killings sent an ‘SoS to the entire humanity’.

In another tweet Mirwaiz said: #Pulwama Massacre, Bullets and pellets rain! As Govt of India has decided to kill Kashmiri’s through its #Armed Forces who control us, JRL and people will march towards Badami Bagh Army cantonment on Monday 17 Dec to ask GOI to kill all of us at one time rather than killing us daily.

The authorities have suspended mobile internet in Pulwama and rail services between the Kashmir Valley and Banihal town in the Jammu region were cancelled.


Mainstream politicians accepted Indian occupational slavery since 1947: Sehrai

SRINAGAR, DEC 15 : Reacting on Mehbooba Mufti’s statement wherein she said, “The country cannot go back to 1947 and that there was need to find an alternative to the idea of ‘Azad Kashmir’ within the framework of the Indian constitution”

Tehreek-e-Hurriyat Chairman Mohd Ashraf Sehrai said, the politics of extreme shame and opportunism played by these groups of people over the past 71 years has equally been the enemesis of the occupied people of Kashmir as much as has been the forceful occupation by the India state who are not ready to acknowledge the sentiment of the Kashmiri nation”.

Sehrai said, that the Azadi camp is involved in a struggle about the political future and fate of 13 million people and Pro-India politicians in Kashmir are ‘stooges of occupation therefore have no right to sermonizing on Kashmir issue. As usual they are playing deceit. They are not sincere, otherwise they would have disassociated from pro-Indian politics .They have no regard for their suffering community. They need to take care of their conscience.

Sehrai in his statement said, boundaries are not sacrosanct and it is the will of people who live there that decides the destiny of that land. Has she no knowledge of history. Does she not know that the mighty British empire on which the sun never sets had to yield to the yearning for freedom of the people of the subcontinent and wherever it ruled by force. Does she really believe that a small but defiant nation constantly engaged in achieving its political aspirations and making tremendous sacrifices for that can be discouraged into pragmatism of cowardice and subjugation by her utterances.

Tehreek-e-Hurriyat Chairman Mohd Ashraf Sehrai said, that the strategies and methods of different pro-India political parties could be different in different times, but their “ultimate aim and design remains to strengthen India’s military control over Kashmir”. These people (pro-Indian politicians) are responsible for the miseries and bloodshed of the Jammu and Kashmir people and are playing an important role in strengthening the India’s forcible control in the state.

The mainstream politicians have accepted the Indian occupational slavery since 1947 and are equally responsible for the bloodshed, killings and every brutalities that took place in this region after the 1947, are credited to these who betrayed the simple people of Kashmir, exploited their sentiments by showing them the Pakistani salt and the green hankie and led them to hell.” Their legacy of treason is now carried forward by today’s loyalists of India who are riding our backs at the backing of lakhs armed forces.”

Further he (Sehrai) said, that the Kashmir dispute pertained to the future of millions of Kashmiries and it could only be resolved by giving inalienable right to self-determination. Unless and until the Kashmir dispute is understood and addressed in its historical context and in the background of international commitments made over it, lasting peace can be achieved neither in J&K nor in the subcontinent.

Three days shutdown JRL gives against 7 civilin killings

SRINAGAR, DEC 15 : South of Kashmir has been turned into a graveyard for its people especially the youth, as eleven of its residents were killed today by the Indian armed forces who went on a rampage in Pulwama, as Govt of India executes its war on Kashmir. This was stated by Joint Resistance Leaders Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Mohd Yasin Malik who strongly condemned and protested the brutal killing of seven civilians Shabaz Ali, Suhail Ahmed, Liaqat Ahmed, Murtaza Ahmed, Amir Ahmed , Adid Hussain and Tauseef Ahmed murdered in cold blood as forces fired live bullets at people with the intention to kill while three armed youth were martyred. While scores of people are critical and more than three dozens are injured in the hell let loose upon the people by the forces.
JRL said that state terror and human rights abuse is worsening by the day especially under the garb of cordon and search operations. JRL said that the Indian army chief had already indicated to the increase in civilian killings with impunity in his recently shocking statements. JRL said that shouldering the coffins of our youth each day is now unbearable as is the silence of international community at the massacre in Kashmir. As Govt of India is only interested in our territory and forcibly holds on to it while systematically eliminating the people, it is better that they finish us off at once and that is why leadership has asked GOI to do that as we march towards their army headquarters in Badami Bagh on Monday. Or else stop the killings and massacres and resolve the dispute and save human lives.
JRL said that there is not even a whimper of protest or concern at these brutal killings shown by any in India who claim it to be a land of Ahimsa and Gandhian ideals is also hugely disappointing. Leadership said that when it comes to Kashmir all these claims get exposed, all become deaf dumb and blind to it, fearing to take a stand on it as the shrill cacophony of jingoism and hyper nationalism takes sway. The propaganda machine of Govt of India its biased electronic media aids and abets this barbarity unleashed upon kashmiris by justifying the killing of civilians branding them as over ground workers of armed youth!
JRL said that the subjugated but resilient people of Kashmir are only asking for the fulfillment of their basic right which is denied to them by force leading to their killing and repression . But seventy years of peoples struggle will not be over by any military measure.

JRL said that to mourn the Pulwama killings and register their strong protest and condemnation against this cruelty and barbarity people will observe a three day shutdown from today.


Yasin Malik goes into hiding, will lead Badami-Bagh Chalo on Monday

SRINAGAR, DEC 15 : Blood thirsty Indian vampires are roaming free and killings Kashmiris at will. Kashmiris cannot and will never watch this massacre and genocide silently. JKLF ailing chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik has gone into hiding and will God-Willingly lead a protest rally towards Badami Bagh army cantonment on Monday against Pulwama carnage by Indian colonial forces. This was stated by a Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) while condemning the bloodbath at Pulwama by trigger happy colonial forces of India.

JKLF ailing chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik today early morning visited private Florence hospital for necessary medical checkups regarding his heart ailment. His Triglycerides are high and famous cardiologist Doctor Khurshid Iqbal saw him at the hospital. At the said Hospital JKLF chairman received the news of carnage by blood thirsty Indian forces at Pulwama in which 10 Kashmiris have fallen to the bullets of India and dozens have been hit by bullets and pellets and are in hospitals. Evading police arrest, JKLF chairman decided to go in hiding to lead protest march as announced by JRL towards Badami Bagh army cantonment against this carnage. It is pertinent to mention that besides calling for a general protest strike for three days JRL has announced that JRL and people will march towards Badami Bagh Army cantonment on Monday 17th December to ask GOI to kill all of us at one time rather than killing us daily.


Hurriyat (M) has strongly condemned the fresh spell of killings in Pulwama

Srinagar, Dec 15: All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) has strongly condemned the fresh spell of killing of almost a dozen youth in Pulwama at the hand of Indian armed forces. Hurriyat said that what happened in Pulwama today reflects the arrogance of power of New Delhi is suffering from and the high handedness with regard to Kashmir which it treats as its colony under occupation through its repressive military control.
To protest the Pulwama Massacre a protest rally was carried out by APHC & AAC leaders and activists from Jamia Masjid Srinagar which ended at Nowhatta Chowk Srinagar. The protestors also held a sit-in at Nowhatta Chowk and condemned the gruesome Pulwama killings demanding end to CASO and Human rights violations in Kashmir.
Meanwhile, authorities once again put APHC Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq under confinement while senior leader Mukhtar Ahmad Waza was arrested while he was on way to Pulwama. Police raided several houses of APHC and AAC leaders and activists including Sufi Mushtaq Ahmad. The spokesman said that these acts of harassment are not new to Kashmiries and leadership thus can’t cow-down us to carry forward this peaceful movement.


Freedom Party anguished over Pulwama massacre, pays tributes to Shaheed Shams-ul-Haq


SRINAGAR, DEC 15 : Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) has expressed deep shock and anguish over the fresh civilian killings at the hands of government forces in south Kashmir’s Pulwama.

The JKDFP Spokesperson said in a statement that men in uniform have been set free to kill and injure whoever tries to raise voice against the ongoing state terrorism. The Spokesperson expressed sorrow over the cold blooded massacre of seven unarmed civilians. The seven persons were killed by government forces in Kharepora area of South Kashmir’s Pulwama. He said that killing unarmed civilians has become a norm in the disputed region and this all is done by a country which claims to be the largest democracy. The irony is that nobody in the world raises any questions against India about its atrocities in Kashmir.

The Spokesperson paid rich and glowing tributes to the martyrs of Kharepora, Pulwama saying the brave hearts continuously lay down their lives to achieve a great cause. He pledged to take the cause of freedom forward at any cost. The Spokesperson prayed for speedy recovery of those injured by government forces in Kharepora, Sirnoo and adjoining areas.

Meanwhile, the JKDFP Spokesperson paid rich and glowing tributes to Shaheed Shams-ul-Haq on his martyrdom anniversary. He said that Shaheed Shams-ul-Haq was a scholar and a brave soldier who fought against the evil throughout his life and finally sacrificed it for the same cause.

Governor wants to kill every Kashmiri: Engineer Rasheed

SRINAGAR, DEC 15 : Asking New Delhi to stop genocide of Kashmiris, AIP President Er. Rasheed has strongly reacted to the brutal massacre in Pulwama at the hands of so called security forces.

In a statement issued today Er. Rasheed said that the Pulwama massacre has exposed the tall but false claims of governor Satpal Malik that everything is normal in Kashmir and men in uniform have lost the moral right to be called security forces. Governor wants everyone to shut mouth and kill every Kashmiri who dares to speak against Indian colonialism and barbarism. Er. Rasheed appealed world community to take notice of Indian atrocities on unarmed Kashmiris and appealed human rights organizations to use their influence in stopping New Delhi from killing Kashmiris in cold blooded murders everyday.

Er. Rasheed reacting sharply to Mehbooba Mufti’s statement that we cannot return to 1947 and need to replace idea of Azad Kashmir, accused her of creating confusion over Kashmir dispute and insulting the sacrifices of Kashmiris. Er. Rasheed said “Before sermonizing Mehbooba Mufti should answer what happened to her idea of self rule and like NC PDP too has diluted the intensity and the significance of resolving Kashmir dispute by giving Delhi made formulas

While the regional parties have so far miserably failed in playing their genuine role and making New Delhi understand significance of resolving Kashmir dispute in its historic perspective, unfortunately the regional forces have made themselves worse than baggers of New Delhi and should stop stabbing the resistance movement.

The least Mehbooba Mufti can do is to keep mum rather distorting facts, diluting the real issue and implementing New Delhi’s agenda. It is horrible that despite facing huge humiliations at the hands of New Delhi Mehbooba still doesn’t learn lessons and is unnecessarily getting indulged in creating chaos and strengthening New Delhi’s unrealistic and false view point.

Before asking Kashmiris to give up the logical and historic stand she must answer what happened to her self-rule formula. if she couldn’t get even minor concessions from New Delhi, she must stop from becoming mouth piece of those forces who try to mislead world community by creating false and negative perception about resistance movement”.

Er. Rasheed added that Kashmiris are not enemies of India and resistance movement belongs to every Kashmiri irrespective of political affiliations and ideologies. He said “Rather being keen bent to dilute significance of Kashmir dispute Mehbooba should have asked New Delhi what it had to offer if it doesn’t agree to implementing UN resolutions.

Why should Kashmiris find or search alternatives to UN resolutions if New Delhi is adamant to snatch even the constitutional guarantees which state is enjoying within Indian constitution”.

Punish persons responsible for Civilian Killings: Qayoom Wani

SRINAGAR, DEC 15 : EJAC president and chairman J&K Teachers Forum Abdul Qayoom Wani has condemned the killings of seven innocent youth in Pulwama.

In a press statement issued here Qayoom Wani condemned incident in which 7 civilians were killed and more than 50 people were injured in security forces action at Kharpora Sarnoo Pulwama and termed the incident painful, unfortunate and unjustified.

Wani said that Civilian Killings can no way be justified. Wani urged upon the authorities to put an immediate halt on Civilian Killings to avoid uncertainty and sense of insecurity among the people. Wani also urged upon the human rights organisations for playing their role to put an end to the Civilian Killings in J&K.

Wani demanded independent probe into the incident to punish the persons responsible for the Civilian Killings. Wani showed sympathy with the bereaved families and those who were injured in the incident and prayed for their speedy recovery.

Forces repeats Jallianwala Bagh like massacres in Kashmir: JKLF ®

SRINAGAR, DEC 15 : Paying rich tributes to slain civilians, the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (R) said, “Government forces are carrying the genocide.”

Appealing international community and UNO to take cognizance of the bloodshed going in Kashmir, JKLF chief patron Barrister Abdul Majid Trambo and general secretary Wajahat Bashir Qureshi, in a statement today, said, “the people in state are facing worst situations and forces enjoying impunity under the garb of draconian laws.”

“Government forces are on the routine basis repeating the Jallianwala Bagh like massacres here. International community should set up an International Independent Tribunal to probe theses massacre so that the conspirators and perpetrators of this heinous crime are unmasked and punished under International Law,” the duo said,

Paying tributes to Zahoor Thoker, Tahir Hizbi and Hashim Bhai including civilians Amir Ahmad Paul ( Ashmindar Pulwama), Abid Husain Lone ( Karim Abad Pulwama) Ishfaq Ahmad, Liyaqat Ahmad (Parigam Pulwama ) and Murtaza Bashir ( Pirchoo ), the leaders said that we feel the uncalled deaths of these budding youth .They extended their condolanses with grieved families and pledged to carry their mission till its logical end .

What Modi govt wants to achieve through massacres in Kashmir: Saifuddin Soz

SRINAGAR, DEC 15 : Former Union Minister and senior Congress leader, Prof. Saifuddin Soz condemned killing of civilians in Pulwama today.

“I strongly condemn the use of extremely excessive force at Pulwama by the forces in which a dozen innocent civilians are reported to have been killed,” Soz said.

“While having condemned heart-rending killings, I raise a question for the Modi Govt. as to what it wants to achieve through the massacres in Kashmir, one after the other. The Central Govt. doesn’t see the writing on the wall that the number of killings through the use of excessive force generates enormous reaction by the armed militants and, therefore, the turmoil on ground,” he said.

“In my opinion, the use of excessive force by the Army and Para-forces produces a wave of fresh recruitments into the armed militancy, all the time. I am one of those who had been warning the Centre that its excessive use of force in Kashmir will never help it in any manner,” he added.

“Modi Govt. should see a clear writing on the wall that the easiest way to settle Kashmir dispute is through the dialogue. I consider the Joint Resistance Leadership as a nucleolus that can ensure a purposeful dialogue to resolve the dispute in Kashmir. In my opinion, the Joint Resistance Leadership offers a unique opportunity to the Central Govt. to initiate a purposeful dialogue in Kashmir, without losing any further time,” Soz said.


“A number of senior military generals have been suggesting to the Central Govt. that the political problem can be resolved best through the political dialogue,” he said.