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AIP censures GNCTD amendment bill; excoriates BJP’s political despotism. 


Mar 26, 2021



Srinagar, 26th March: Incarcerated Er Rashid lead Jammu Kashmir Awami Itehad Party lashed out at present regime at Centre for its diabolical political despotism, lust for downplaying very Constitution of India. Reacting sharply to the Delhi bill which defacto defines Government in Delhi as Lieutenant Governor; gives precedence to LG over the elected government. Party top brass censured BJP for blowing to smithreens very idea of federalism, this bill in not only in gross violation of Article 239AA, schedule VII of Indian constitution but opposes in letter and spirit Supreme Court constitutional Bench Judgement in GNCT of Delhi Vs Union of India & Anr.  Article 239AA(4) confers executive power on council of ministers over all those subjects over which Delhi Legislative assembly has legislative powers. Cause 4 of the Bill precludes Delhi Legislative Assembly from considering matters of day-to-day administration and from conducting inquiries in relation to administrative decisions which is against Schedule VII of India Constitution. The provision of requiring LG’s opinion before implementing of Government’s decisions, criminally contravenes 239AA sub-clause 6 which says Council of Ministers shall be collectively responsible to the Legislative Assembly. Even the Supreme Court judgment distinctly holds that the LG cannot interfere in each and every decision of the Delhi Government, delineates domain of role of LG in New Delhi where he must act on the aid and advice of the elected council of ministers except in matters of land, police and public order said Party Spokesperson Sheeban Ashai. This is is an unconstitutional bill and must be challenged in the top court; AIP top brass denounced the custom which has now become a habitual practice of BJP-RSS to bring a contentional unconstitutional bill every six months and pass it on the basis of brute majority in both houses. All this is being done to divert attention of people from the failures of Government; be it Covid-19 crises, managing migrant exodus, state of economy, rampant unemployment, farmers protests. Ashai reprobated BJP’s totalitarian model of functioning, adopting illegitimate un-democratic means to strangulate political opponents. He added, what happened in Jammu and Kashmir is now happening in Delhi. Demoniacally doing away with constitutional guarantees; toppling elected Governments, resorting to electoral malpractices,misemploying constitutional authorities to browbeat opposition Governments, destroying institutions have become hallmark of Modi regime”.

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