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Administration turning a blind eye towards miseries of common man: PDP


Mar 16, 2021

Hike in Prices of essential commodities burdening poor.

Srinagar, 16th March: Peoples Democratic Party has censured the administration for recent hike in prices of essential commodities further burdening the common man already reeling under financial distress.

In a statement issued here, Party General Secretary G N lone Hanjura has underlined that the induced inflationary shock instead of reprieve measures has created more financial burden for the common man.

“Our economic sector which was devastated post August 5 and further destroyed by Corona virus was only limping back to normalcy has yet again been put under severe strain because of hike in gas prices, petrol and diesel tariffs and now increase in electricity dues,” Hanjura said.

Comparing Delhi; an electricity consuming state with Jammu and Kashmir an electricity generating state Hanjura said the electricity unit cost in Delhi is less than in J&K.

“People in Budgam were shocked to receive the electricity bills with thrice the normal bill amount even when electricity is erratic and nowhere to be seen. How can poor families afford to pay such exorbitant amounts?  All this when J&K is an electricity surplus state supplying electricity to the rest of the country,” Hanjura added.

Emphasising the need for administration to reconsider and intervene to stop the skyrocketing prices of essential commodities Hanjura said that administration should give up its apathy towards the common people and stop deriving sadistic pleasure from the miseries of the poor.

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