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Amendment in divine books is blasphemy: JKCSF


Mar 12, 2021


 Rizvi’s act of filing petition against Quran in Supreme Court enough to disturb peace and hurt sentiments of Muslims world over: Qayoom Wani

Srinagar March 12:(KNS)      In a bizarre incident of global nature,  a petition   has been filed in Supreme Court of India in which a  highly sensitive religious issue  has been touched which is none other than of the Muslims. Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum, notwithstanding to tolerate such issues in Indian society or even anywhere in the world warns the stakeholders to take prompt action in rejecting  the petition out rightly before it ignites any bad tensions.


Pertinently a video that surfaced on social media a petitioner , Syed Wasim Rizvi “ Describing Some Verses Of  Quran as a threat To The Unity And Integrity Of The Country, ……..and thus they wanted 26 verses should be removed from Quran….”


In a statement issued to “KNS”  Chairman,  JKCSF said that divine books of any religion are from God and they are foolproof  to amendments, any efforts of amendments into these books are bound to bring punishment from God and ignite violence among humans on earth. Wani said Quran is a divine book and every sane person knows that is book of peace. Any kind of blasphemous act about Quran is intolerable to humanity in general and to Muslims in particular and whosoever does the blasphemous act, history is witness, he has seen its harsh result. JKCSF has appealed the Supreme Court of India to outright reject the petition of amendments against Quran to safeguard and respect the sentiments of the muslims and  other Quran lovers who seek guidance from this book of Allah.

Wani demands life imprisonment for the culprit so that nobody can speak against the holy Quran and Prophet Mohammad sallallahu alayhi wa salaam.

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